Scientific Cores

Trauma Research Data Core

The Trauma Research Data Core (TRDC) has a repository of trauma data available to researchers. The core facilitates in obtaining, cleaning, and analysis of a wide variety of data sources related to the injury. To get a brief description of the available data sources click here. Please contact TRDC director Joshua B. Brown to learn more.

Biostatistics Core

The Biostatistics Core is a resource for biostatistical consulting and provides assistance on all statistical aspects of the grant proposal and manuscript preparation. It provides a) statistical expertise in the design of experiments and studies, including research proposal development, sample size determination, randomization procedures and plans for interim reviews and final analysis b) evaluate the feasibility of patient accrual within the proposed duration of the study,  c) create the skeleton of the database to ease data collection and subsequent data analysis d) Assist with the writing of statistical components of manuscripts e) Review the integrity and statistical soundness of all studies involving human subjects and provide statistical analysis for projects using appropriate statistical and computing methodologies and assist in the interpretation and presentation of results. Please contact Core director Mazen Zenati, Ph.D. if you have any questions.

Clinical Analytics Core

The clinical Analytics Core in collaboration with the UPMC’s health care data and analytics team provides real-time medical data to improve the patient care quality and cost-effectiveness of the Pittsburgh-based health system. The UPMC data and analytics team house comprehensive clinical data and engaged in various research projects in several health domains. To learn more about the core and how we can help your research, please contact us.