Research Opportunities

MicroscopeThe TTMRC offers undergraduate and graduate research opportunities where the students are encouraged to actively participate in each phase of research activity—from developing research plans, writing proposals, and conducting research — to analyzing data and presenting or publishing your results.

Benefits include:

  • Learning more about trauma research and exploring the horizon of the field
  • Gaining knowledge and practical skills necessary for graduate school, health professions, or a future career.
  • Applying classroom learning to real-world problems and actual research.
  • Contributing to research outcomes—whether co-authoring papers, preparing posters, attending conferences, patenting inventions, or launching a start-up.
  • Building meaningful connections with faculty, researchers, graduate students, and other undergraduates who share similar research and career interests.

If you want to contribute to trauma research or want to have further information about the research conducted at TTMRC, visit the website or contact TTMRC (