Mission and Vision



The mission of the TTMRC is to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients with trauma injury through improved prevention and interventions by conducting basic and translational science to using implementation and dissemination science principles to improve adoption of preventative measures to reduce traumatic injury, by describing the pathophysiology of traumatic injury, and advancing surgical and therapeutic strategies.

The mission also includes improving the effectiveness and safety of blood products for all critically ill patients by investigating the differential biologic effects of blood product manufacturing and leveraging these differences to achieve precision transfusion medicine where the blood products transfused is optimal based on the patients clinical condition and genetic predisposition. 

4th year


To  advance the science to improve patient centered outcomes in both patients with traumatic injury and who require transfusion medicine for critical illness by becoming the premier research center in these fields by recruiting internationally recognized basic and translational scientists and collaborating with other research institutes and centers.



The scope of the TTMRC includes trauma research to include prevention, biologic response to trauma, therapeutic and surgical interventions to improve outcomes.

The scope of the TTMRC also includes the effectiveness and safety of blood products in critically ill populations.